Welcome to Pilgrim Bread.

When we break bread together we slow down and listen, becoming more attentive to one another, to our place and our ecology. When we break bread together we can begin to cultivate a more conscious and kind living. 

Bread reconnects us with ourselves and one another...

Our old-world method means stone-milling the best heritage and heirloom grains from regional farmers. It means allowing our hand-mixed dough to leaven naturally and ferment slowly to optimize the nutritional value and flavor potential of the grain. And it means using a wood-fired oven the same way it’s been done for millennia. 

We currently offer five loaves:

The Pilgrim

A combination of Central Milling bread flour (hard red wheat, malted barley) and in-house stone milled grains (Redeemer, Turkey Red, Spelt, Appalachian white, NuEast) depending on what is available. 

The Seeded Pilgrim

The same combination of flours as the Pilgrim Loaf in addition to raw organic pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds. 

The Fruit n Nut

Whole Grain Flour 100% fresh milled in the bakery a combination of Glenn Hard Red Wheat and Oberkulmer Spelt in addition to organic Medjool dates, raw organic walnuts, and lavender.  

The Pilgrim Baguette

A blend of Artisan Bakers Craft+ organic flour from Central Milling, Oberkulmer Spelt from Small Valley Milling and Einkorn from Henry Beiler from Wholesome Acres. These are a take on traditional baguettes, a crisp crust makes up the majority of the bread, but inside is a delicate open crumb.

The Einkorn

100% fresh milled in the bakery Einkorn, water, and salt. 

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